Here is a look back at 20 of Carrie Bradshaw’s most memorable fashion moments . 

Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys
Season 1, Episode 4

SATC Style - Carrie - Valley Of The Twenty-Something Guys

In season 1 Carrie was all about her raccoon fur coat and she regularly wore it out and about. In “Valley Of The Twenty-Something Guys” Carrie realized that she had outgrown the boys of her past and not quite grown into the men of her future. Thankfully she didn’t grow out of her love of vintage fur for another season.

Secret Sex
Season 1, Episode 6

SATC Style - Carrie - Secret Sex

In the episode “Secret Sex” Carrie agreed to have to a photo session for a promotional picture for her column, to go on buses… because she was allowed to keep the very sexy dress. After the shoot Carrie wore the barely there dress on her first official date with Big. “Interesting dress…” that’s all Mr. Big had to say when he saw Carrie wearing her naked dress. 

Ex And The City
Season 2, Episode 18

SATC Style - Carrie - Ex And The City

In “Ex And The City” Big told Carrie that he and Natasha were engaged. When Carrie crossed town to wish her ex well after their engagement party she looked absolutely stunning wearing a gorgeous white Christian Dior dress. Her Fendi bag was great but her trademark Carrie gold necklace was definitely her best accessory. 

Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl
Season 3, Episode 4

SATC Style - Carrie - Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

In “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl” Carrie dated a man who was openly bisexual and went to a hip loft party with him on their final date. Remember the sexy pleather Ete dress, over-sized flower and the gold boots? A fabulous look that only Carrie Bradshaw could pull off. 

What Goes Around Comes Around
Season 3, Episode 17

SATC Style - Carrie - What Goes Around Comes Around

Towards the end of season 3 Carrie gets mugged for her Manolos… and discovered that Natasha left Big. Guilt ridden and wearing the fabulous John Galliano newspaper dress (from his fall 2000 collection) Carrie managed to come face to face with Natasha to apologize about her affair with Big. This wasn’t the last of the super sexy dress… fans will get to see the dress once again because Patricia Field has recycled the dress and re-used it in the upcoming SATC2 movie. 

Cock A Doodle Do!
Season 3, Episode 18

SATC Style - Carrie - Cock A Doodle Do

In the season 3 finale Big and Carrie decided that they were a good idea on paper but just not meant to be. Who can forget the memorable scene when Carrie fell into the pond in Central Park with Big wearing that striking Richard Tyler dress! 

The Real Me
Season 4, Episode 2

SATC Style - Carrie - The Real Me

In “The Real Me” Carrie was asked to be a model in a fabulous fashion show. Moments before the runway show her gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dress is changed to a pair of jewelled panties and a royal blue evening coat also by Dolce and Gabbana. Carrie strutted her stuff down the runway… fell flat on her face and was stepped over by Heidi Klum! Remember one of the most memorable quotes of the series courtesy of Stanford: “Oh my God she’s fashion road kill!” 

The Good Fight
Season 4, Episode 13

SATC Style - Carrie - The Good Fight

Carrie and Aidan were super cramped living in Carrie’s apartment and began to argue about the lack of space. In a classic SATC scene Aidan asked Carrie to clear out half of her closet and then questioned her Roberto Cavalli dress. Carrie asked Aidan not to mock the clothes and agreed to throw the dress out… but by the end of the episode Carrie was heading out of her apartment wearing the outlandish frock. 

Change of a Dress
Season 4, Episode 15

SATC Style - Carrie - Change Of A Dress - Bridal Shop

One of Carrie’s craziest outfits came during season 4 when Carrie and Miranda headed to a horrible bridal shop to try on bad wedding dresses in hopes to calm Carrie’s nerves over marrying Aidan. The Givenchy skirt and a pink top from XOXO were one thing but the belted midriff and the faux tiara… an outfit only Carrie… or SATC stylist Pat Field could come up with. 

Change of a Dress
Season 4, Episode 15

SATC Style - Carrie - Change Of A Dress

One of the true fashion highlights of the Sex And The City series was the incredible white Badgley Mischka strapless dress with a beaded back that was worn by Carrie at the “Black and White” ball in season 4. The dress was truly stunning and Carrie never looked better. It would have been the perfect wedding dress if she had actually agreed to marry Aidan that night. 

A “Vogue” Idea
Season 4, Episode 17

SATC Style - Carrie - A Vogue Idea

When Carrie headed to Vogue Magazine in season 4 she debuted a short and sassy new hair style. She also changed her style from quirky to professional by wearing a very feminine pinstripe suit courtesy of Vivienne Westwood. 

Plus One Is the Loneliest Number
Season 5, Episode 5

SATC Style - Carrie - Plus One Is The Loneliest Number

In “Plus One Is the Loneliest Number” it was time for Carrie’s book launch party and she intended on looking fabulous. The Anna Molinari feathered dress was the perfect choice for her big night don’t you think? 

I Love a Charade
Season 5, Episode 8

SATC Style - Carrie - I Love A Charade

Carrie looked gorgeous wearing a powder pink David Dalrymple for House of Field’s “bubble” dress when she attended a Hamptons wedding in “I Love A Charade”. She chose to accent with her favourite new accessory - a floral wrist corsage - and a bejewelled clutch by Judith Lieber. 

An American Girl in Paris, Part Une
Season 6, Episode 19

SATC Style - Carrie - An American Girl In Paris (Part Une)

Carrie’s last night in New York was truly memorable… and so was her dress! She looked fabulous wearing a pink ruffle Jill Stuart dress as she declared to Big that he can drive up and down her street all he wants - she doesn’t live there anymore! 

An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux
Season 6, Episode 20

SATC Style - Carrie - An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux) - 1

When Carrie walked the streets of Paris in “An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux” she did it in style. This red Balenciaga dress with black polka dots was one of the fashion highlights of her adventure. Love the pop of green!

An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux
Season 6, Episode 20

SATC Style - Carrie - An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux) - 2

The most phenomenal gown to make an appearance during the SATC series had to be the incredible Versace Couture gown that Carrie wore when she was stood up by Aleksandr Petrovsky in Paris. The dusty grey ruffled princess dress was actually written into the story at the urging of Patricia Field. 

Sex And The City: The Movie

SATC Style - Carrie - Sex And The City The Movie - Opening Flower Dress

Sex And The City: The Movie started off on a high note with Carrie Bradshaw strutting the streets of New York wearing a white vintage dress with a over-sized flower perched on the shoulder. Totally fabulous and a total throwback to SATC season 3. 

Sex And The City: The Movie

SATC Style - Carrie - Sex And The City The Movie - Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress

The most memorable dress from the original Sex And The City flick had to be the sensational Vivienne Westwood Gold Label champagne silk wedding gown with built-in corset. It was dramatic and over-the-top and of course was accessorized with a dramatic bird hairpiece. 

Sex And The City: The Movie

SATC Style - Carrie - Sex And The City The Movie - Tutu

Who didn’t love the SATC opening credits and the quirky tutu and tank that Carrie wore in them? When the girls came to the big screen in 2008 we had the chance to see that tutu once again when Carrie attempted to clean out her closet to get ready to move in with Big. Each of the ensembles that came out of the closet got a yes or no vote… the girls vote on the tutu? It was a unanimous yes! 

Sex And The City: The Movie

SATC Style - Carrie - Sex And The City The Movie - The Wedding Dress

In the original SATC movie we saw Carrie model wedding dresses courtesy of Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Vivienne Westwood for the Vogue“Bride Over 40” shoot. Carrie originally attempted to walk down the aisle in Vivienne Westwood but we all know that didn’t go off as planned. When Carrie finally said “I do” to Big she did it at a civil wedding ceremony wearing a gorgeous white vintage suit. Of course the blue satin Manolo Blahnik’s played a very big role.